Saturday, June 07, 2008

Down on Helium again

I have a love-hate relationship with Helium. Right now I am on a down-swing. I consider myself a decent writer but it seems at Helium I can't get a writing star to save my life. I see so many articles rated higher than mine that are badly written and not all that informative.

I tried to "leapfrog" articles to improve their standings. The word count limit was changed since I wrote some of the articles and I'm trying to get them up to that standard. One of my "leapfrogs" was turned down even though the rewrite was at least three times longer. I have to wait a week to try again. When I am asked to rate "leapfrog" articles, I always vote to keep the rewrite unless the rewrite doesn't have any changes in it. I wouldn't mind a "leapfrog" being turned down if there was a way that I could find out exactly why it was rejected. They tell me the rating system works but sometimes I just don't know about that.

In the meantime, I am trying to write another article for the marketplace that might sell so that I can cash out. I'm about $7 away from $25 in earnings. Then I think I will be saying goodbye to Helium for a while. There are so many better places to HubPages and HowToDoThings. At least there I have complete control of my articles.

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Mezo said...

yeah, you are right, also the payments are so litle in helium it looks like you have to have thousands of articles to get a few dollars, but the advantage of it is that not any1 can just publish anything plus there are alot of very good proffessional writers there, which i don't really find on hubpages (supervision on articles and good writers)

for myself I write at helium to learn as I don't even have Paypal supported here in Egypt, but the challenge with other writers and the deadlines and contest just fire you up :)