Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good news

I have a regular writing gig now at Bella Online. I will be the editor of the Scottish Culture area. My only qualifications are that I was born in Scotland :)
It can be found at

I'm going through the training right now. I'm at the point where I have to upload 2 articles. I only have one written so far.

I'm expected to add an article a week and to overwrite the articles that are already there by the previous editor.

Either I'll get to be an expert or I will sink under the pressure. I'd like to keep it up though. I can even get a press pass...

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Lizzie said...

I just found you by following you from Hubpages. Hope the gig goes well. No doubt it will. You could always write an article about the haggis and its habitat! I once got a friend of mine to consult zoology books to find out about it. A great laugh of course and relevant to Scottish Writings! Sorry, I just had a weird sense of humour, I guess.