Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Testing 1 2 3

I heard on HubPages that Blogger now lets you monetize with Amazon now. I just have to try it and see if it's as simple as it sounds.

One of the books I have read several times is The Stranger by Albert Camus. I don't know why but it touches something inside me. Maybe partly because I have never been a very demonstrative person and I'm sure I'm misunderstood a lot.

The Stranger (Everyman's Library)

And, yes, it is as easy as it sounds to link to books on Amazon. Thanks Blogger!


emievil said...

Hey UW, just checked out the amazon link and it's working perfectly! :) Hope we can get more sales this way :).

Janiek13 said...

I have had it on my blog for a few days, I have had over a thousand clicks, but no sales.