Sunday, January 17, 2010

Canadian-Haitian author dies in earthquake

The devastation in Haiti is mind-numbing. One can't watch tv coverage without tears flowing.
My heart goes out to everyone from Haiti and anyone who has relatives in Haiti and anyone who considers their home to be Haiti. As I have heard said many times, Haitian's are strong and they will survive.

Sadly, the writing world lost a well-known Canadian/Haitian author in the earthquake. Georges Anglade and his wife died when a house they were staying in collapsed. They were in Haiti for an international literary festival.

Anglade fled Haiti in 1965 to France. In 1969, he began teaching in Montreal, Canada until 2002. He returned to Haiti several times; he was imprisoned in 1974 and exiled, he was exiled again in 1991. Later in the 90s, he was an advisor to President Aristide. He began writing in the 1990s.

To donate to the Canadian Red Cross to help Haiti, please click here.

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