Sunday, March 07, 2010

Demand Studios

I heard Demand Studios was now hiring writers from the UK and Canada so I applied right away. Surely they will accept me?

I have been reading on the Suite 101 forums that many of those who write for Demand Studios use a pseudonym because they are ashamed of what they write there. And since once they lost ownership of the articles once they are written I can see most people not using them on their portfolio.

I have created a user name there and I'll have to see how it goes. Of course, I have to be accepted first.

Can anyone who currently writes for Demand Studios fill us in on how it is to work there?

 I think I need this book...

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Pamela Grundy said...

I am sure they will accept you, UW. I've been writing there since December but it gets pretty old pretty fast. The good side to it is that the pay is better than the job boards--about 4 cents per word compared to 1 or 2 at the boards. The bad parts are: 1) their editors can be maddening--their guidelines are strict to the point of being anal and sometimes the editorial comments are nonsensical. I'd say about 3/4 of what I submit goes right through, but the ones that come back get really annoying. 2) You have to come up with four references for even a short 150 word fact list, and that is what takes most of your time--you can't use Wiki or any commercial websites. You can easily spend 45 minutes looking for appropriate references only to have a $7.50 150 article rejected by your copy editor anyway with rewrite suggestions. So you kind of have to get a routine wherein you nail those sources fast and write fast too, or it isn't worth it--but that's tough because the topics are often quite bizarre. 3) Many of the topics are unbelievably technical--in fact, some can't even be written because they make no sense. This happens because the topics are spun out by computer, not by people. If you write an unwritable article you won't get paid and you'll get a snippy response from your CE that you should have realized it was unwritable. You'll see what I mean when they accept you.

At first I was happy to get in there, but I find myself avoiding the site lately. I hope you come back and write how you like it once you get accepted. I may write a post here about it--I actually have read other material on DS and could share that material in the post too. Maybe it would be helpful, plus I'd love to hear other people's feelings about it. Good luck!