Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm finding I'm really beginning to like HubPages. The people who do quality writing are excellent. Of course, there are those who are pretty bad, many spammers post non-articles, but they disappear pretty quickly. You have the ability to flag "hubs" for review. As someone at HubPages told me, the cream rises to the top. The people I have met so far have all been friendly and helpful, many of us seem to share the same sense of humour. I'm going to concentrating on writing there for a little while.

You will notice a change in this blog shortly, I have bought my own domain through Blogger. The address will soon be

One thing I have noticed at HubPages is that many people seem to think that just because they mention the source that they can copy and paste articles. You are meant to get permission for one thing, and making money off of others work is totally unethical and will get you banned from HubPages, Amazon, Ebay, Google AdSense and whatever other site you are an affiliate of. And, if you do get the information in an article from another source you should at least rewrite it in your own words. Anything else is plagiarism. I am amused when I see people posting content right off of commercial catalogue sites, they will not make any money at all. Also, posting 25 hubs in a row is just a waste of your time. If you post too often all of the search engines will ignore most of your articles. People just see dollar signs and all sense seems to go out the window.

So, when I write articles from now on they will be given a Creative Commons license. Stuff like this won't, but any article I have researched certainly will be.

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