Friday, March 06, 2009


I posted my first article at Blogcritics (A sinister cabal of superior writers). I wrote a rant on reality television. I'm not sure what my next article will be about. I'm thinking of writing about my trekkie years... If you want to write for Blogcritics, check it out here.

Well, today it happened. I have been writing biographies on my Today blog on authors birthdays for 4 months. Today was Elizabeth Barrett Browning's birthday and I wrote a short biography of her on my blog. Another blog has started writing short biographies on her blog in the past two months (it started after I commented on her blog) and today she also wrote about Elizabeth Barrett Browning, using the same picture. She didn't copy my entry because mine was scheduled to be published later. I guess I have to live with it but it is very annoying. I have scheduled what I am writing about for the next month and I'm sure she will want to write biographies on some of them on their birthdays. I thought I had a nice unique niche and now someone is copying it. The subtitle of my blog is "author biographies and more". I guess it'll have to be a survival of the fittest. We do have different styles and she doesn't give as many specific dates as I do...yet. She doesn't seem to get as much traffic as I do, or use things like Entrecard and social networking to add to that traffic. So, I'll just try and ride it out until she gets bored. I can go on writing short author biographies for years.

I also worked on a couple of articles for Scottish Culture. One with three Scottish recipes. The other will be the various Scotland-related Twitter accounts I could find and how people can use them.

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Mickie31 said...

I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. That sucks that she used the same picture as you. It does seem like she copied your ideas. In a way it is flattering because she saw your blog very positively but, it is annoying.