Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Earth

I have to say I love Google Earth. This weekend I found myself walking up and down my old street. We lived in Glasgow, Scotland for a year with my grandmother while my father went to Canada to get settled so he could bring my sister and I and my mother over. We lived on Hill Street in Glasgow. Well, on Google Earth someone has taken pictures all the way up the street, down the next one, and along the street where my old school was. It is amazing. I could even look up at my grandmothers old apartment, I saw the building next door where they had greyhound dogs, and I could see the apartment next door where my second cousin now lives. I could even see how the neighbourhood has changed. I didn't realize how narrow that street actually was. It's too bad every street isn't like that. I'd love to see my hometown where we lived before Glasgow but you can't get to street level there.

Anyway, I'll further explore the neighbourhood next weekend when I have a couple of hours to waste. You really should check it out for yourself.

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Diana said...

I for one love Google earth. My brother lives in Japan, and so I perpetually look up the various addresses he sends me from Japan.