Thursday, March 26, 2009

Writing burn out

I've been writing on my blog every day for the past 40 days. I was close to burn out yesterday. But, I noticed that once I forced myself to start writing that I was enjoying it. I have gotten used to writing every day. I am glad I have 2 blogs because I am getting a little bored of only writing biographies as I'm doing on Literary Lunch. I have to start changing it up a bit more. I do change it on Saturday when I just reprint a favorite poem.

The whole Internet seems slow tonight, everything is taking forever to do. It seems that when I need to something quickly the 'net lets me down more often than not these days.


BC Doan said...

I have the same feeling like yours. I feel burn-out at the moment! Also, I've heard that we don't own the rights to our own work on Today...Do you know if it's true?

UninvitedWriter said...

That's true, once you publish something on Today it belongs to them. It doesn't bother me because I don't put as much work into my posts as I would into articles that I own.

fedhz said...

Yeah, me too. I feel burn out from writing (not that I write as much as you do) but when I take a vacation from it, I miss it so much, and then when I am so inspired to write, there's no internet connection. lol

I'm glad I've found your blog. See you again.