Friday, March 27, 2009

Online Writing

Writing online is an interesting pastime. For most of us, it is practice and a way to make a little extra money doing something we love. Some of us long to leave our 9-5 jobs behind us and to become full-time writers. Unfortunately, for most of us, writing will remain a part-time pursuit. Not many writers can earn enough money to support themselves in the same manner as a full-time regular job does.

I write for several, what I call, quality online writing sites and blogs.

BellaOnline is an author-driven site. You don't get paid but you are given many opportunities that can earn you money; you can link to your Amazon and other affiliate accounts, and you can publish ebooks. You write a regular column, most people publish a new article every week, you send out a regular newsletter and you maintain a forum. The skills you learn from this site are invaluable. They have courses for the editors on such things as copyright and ebooks. If you would like to apply to be a BellaOnline editor, visit this page.

Another site I consider to be a quality site is HubPages. Anyone over 18 can write at HubPages and your articles are monetized with AdSense; you also have the choice of adding items from Amazon and Ebay. HubPages does get a percentage of your Adsense; you get 60% of all clicks, they get the other 40%. It is one of two sites that helped me get to the minimum payment for AdSense in just over 9 months. At HubPages articles must be a reasonable length (over 400 words) and must not be spam or overly promotional, they must also be in English. If this sounds like a place you'd like to visit you can sign up here.

How To Do Things is another excellent site that pays you via AdSense. You write how to articles in a certain prescribed format. I only have 9 articles up here currently but I have earned over $50 in 9 months. If this interests you, become a member.
is a blogging site that will give you a free blog. You have to bring traffic to your blog and you will be paid $2 for every 1,000 unique views that your blog gets. If you post every day you will definitely see your traffic and earnings rise. It is your responsibility to bring traffic to your blog. If you'd like to sign up for, visit this page.

These are just a few of the sites that can earn you money, but there are a lot more. One of my favorites is Triond. You can submit articles, poems, pictures and video to Triond where you will be paid on your page views. Their minimum payment per month is $0.50 which is a doable goal. My average lately seems to be around $0.60 a month but next month it will be over $1. Like many sites, the more you submit that is published, the more money you will earn.

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amy jane said...

Helpful overview! Bella Online sounds like an effective way to learn some new skills. I may have to check it out. :)