Sunday, February 07, 2010

How I deleted Farmville and took back my life

My latest article at HubPages is How I deleted Farmville and took back my life

The danger of writing online is that sometimes it's very easy to get distracted by many things. Farmville was a big one for me for a couple of months. I wasted far to much time on that site for basically no return. Yes, my farm was very cool and I had reached level 34. I had a pretty farm house and hundreds of trees. My livestock was at tolerable levels; I had 3 cow sheds and a chicken coop. My crops were not overwhelming and I even had the vehicles to harvest them, and plow, and seed.

But, I had a few too many friends for me and I seemed to spend hours just helping them out, posting bonuses or collecting bonuses. It became a chore. And I knew when I got upset that I kept missing golden chicken's eggs that it was time fo rme to move on.

Anyway, the title of the article says it all.

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the Bedbug blog said...

Hi Susan,
i've heard other Facebook users find the same thing! Facebook can be rather addiction and the various activities can be time consuming!