Sunday, February 14, 2010

Writing sites I have known and loved (and sometimes hated)

I think I have tried every writing site on the Internet at one time or another. Some have come and gone; some have gotten larger and stronger. Here are a few that I have sampled. I am still writing at most of them.

I have published articles and photographs here. The photographs are published on the site and the articles are posted to variety of sites which are chosen by Triond. They also accept audio and video. You are paid by how many views your content receives. I haven't figured out yet how many views you need to earn one cent. You get paid through PayPal once the total earned adds up to 50 cents or more. I have gotten paid in the past so it is a legitimate site. Triond now allows you to earn extra money with Adsense and referrals.

I have posted several articles at Helium. One of my articles was sold to a publisher through their Marketplace. You can basically write about whatever you wish at Helium, they also accept fiction. They have a peer review system that helps quality articles to rise to the top. Articles are rated numerically. Helium occasionally has contests in which you can win money. You get paid through PayPal when you earn at least $25. One thing you should know is that your articles will be there forever. You can't delete them yourself.

I had a couple of blogs here. Anyone can set up a blog. Earniings are through AdSense. I didn't earn any money there.  Some of the blogs here are better than others. If the editors think you have some talent, they will ask if you want to take over any of their blogs with their own domain. There is a supportive community of bloggers here.

I occasionally post articles here. You earn points for articles, photographs, videos, commenting on content and rating content. Since I am in Canada, while I earn points, I can't cash those points in for rewards. The rewards consist of gift cards or charitable donations. I have met some very friendly people here and it is a great site discussions of all kind.

I used to write here in the early 00s. I was the writer for Shakespeare on Film. I never did earn anything there then. However, I am writing there as a contributing writer now. You are paid through PayPal and get a cut of the site’s income. They have a stringent application process; you have to submit two quality articles you have written and give them a list of sites you have written for. It is a very supportive community and there is help and training for writers. You are expected to post 10 articles in 3 months. After 3 months you can apply to be a featured writer in your chosen topic. According to Suite101, they receive over 7 million visitors a month to the site.

I've been writing at HubPages now for 2 years and have written over 100 hubs. I have managed to reach Adsense payout three times.  I have also earned a few dollars from Amazon or Ebay. I love playing around with the hub capsules.

Digital Journal

You post news stories to this site and get paid through paypal once you reach $10. They prefer well-researched news stories; the more local the better.

Each of these sites has their pros and cons but they do all pay. Good luck if you want to try any of them.

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