Saturday, July 24, 2010

People First: Empowering People with Disabilities

"On July 24, 2010, BloggersUnite is asking bloggers and writers around the world to use their voices to raise awareness about empowering people with disabilities."

I have a mobility disability, it is basically an invisible disability until I try to walk. It has basically existed since I was born but has very slowly been progressing. Even then it does not look as bad as it is. People don't realize that I cannot climb stairs that do not have any handrails. I can't step up an a curb over 1 inch tall by myself..I use a cane if I am planning on walking more than a couple of blocks. I use special transportation to get around (yes, a short bus) as I am unable to climb on a regular bus. I have to push myself up if I am sitting on a low surface such as a toilet.
By most standards, my disability is not major at all. I can still walk on my own, I can stand, and I can work. However, it still changes my daily life. If I am invited to someone's house I really become conflicted; will there be stairs to get into the house? Will I be able to use the bathroom and still be able to get up again? Will I need to climb stairs to even reach the bathroom? If I am meeting people at a restaurant will it be accessible to me?

No matter how hard I try for it not to change my daily life, it does. I tend to turn down invitations to peoples houses rather than grill them on how accessible their house is and prefer to invite people to my apartment.My disability separates me from society. I know, I should just get over it and deal with the problems when I get there, maybe I am embarrassed to ask for help; but people don't want to be constantly having to help someone with special needs, it's only normal for most of them to eventually feel it's not worth the bother.

Don't get me wrong, I like my life. We get what we get in life. I still can't get over how it was before I had problems and when I never had to worry about things such as curbs and stairs and toilets. 10 years ago I could climb stairs and curbs and they never crossed my mind. I also have to admit that I never even considered how those who did have mobility difficulties coped. Hopefully, as disability issues are discussed more everyone can understand what many people have to go through in their daily lives; things you would never even consider a problem.

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Barkha said...

Thanks for sharing your personal experiences. These can be motivating for o many people faced with disability difficulties.

susanlang said...

Wow.. I wasn't aware of your interest in helping people with disabilities. My bad, but I am now!

Your personal experiences are heartfelt and a big help to so many others.

If you don't mind, I'ed like to invite you to read a small sample from my upcoming book! URL:

Peace and well wishes to you always,