Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The joys of freelance?

I have been writing briefs for an online writing company for 8 months now. I am making a decent monthly income from them. My job is writing 250 word blog posts for various locations of a printing company. It is quite simple yet I have been letting it slide and then have to rush to write a bunch of posts at once. Luckily each takes me less than 15 minutes. But multiply that by 112 and you might see my dilemma.

I can almost write this brief blindfolded so I think I may be a little burned out. I need the money it brings in, yet I yearn to be doing the writing I want to be doing rather than what other people want me to write.

I guess that is the fate of the freelance writer and I'm sure everyone feels this way at one time or another. I will work through this though, it'll make me a stronger freelance writer.


Sherri said...

I've read your post twice, because at the first reading something resonated with me. At the second reading, the resonance was confirmed.

I hope you take my comment with a smile, because what you are describing is a JOB. Something that is done for money. Something that is repetitive. Something you know so well you can do it in your sleep.

I almost think I want to go back to my teen years and flip hamburgers for money. People like to eat them. :)

UninvitedWriter said...

True, I forget how bored I got in my last just. But then there was more to motivate me than myself :)